During the weekdays, I work as a salaryman in Japan, yet I am also a digital nomad without a fixed office base.
On my days off, I pursue my passion as a photographer.
In my twenties, I was captivated by traveling around the world, capturing diverse cultures, landscapes, and people with my camera.

In 2013, I chose the UK as my next destination.
My several years of stay in London greatly influenced my photographic expression, marking an important period in shaping my current style. London was a treasure trove of inspiration for me, and the experiences in this city significantly nurtured my creative expression.

After returning to Japan, I resumed my activities primarily in interior design, which was my original background.
At the same time, I received various photography requests, including architectural photography, corporate photography, product photography, food photography, and event photography.
I have gained experience as a weekend photographer, learning everything independently without formal training or a mentor, simply by trial and error.

In 2019, amidst a changing world, I decided to refresh my approach by acquiring a new digital camera, rediscovering the advantages of digital Leica.Since then, I have focused not only on commercial photography but also on artistic photographic expressions. I enjoy browsing through photo books, drawing a lot of inspiration from them.

Currently, I am part of the branding and marketing department of the SoftBank Group, handling a wide range of tasks from creative direction to content development.
At the same time, to embrace a more flexible way of working, I have begun to engage in photography projects more earnestly, hoping to connect with like-minded individuals through various projects.
I take pride in my mobility and light luggage.
 I look forward to meeting you somewhere along the way.






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